Meredith + James – Wedding at Linden Row Inn

Venue – Linden Row Inn

The Linden Row Inn is a great place in downtown Richmond for a small, intimate wedding. We’ve been in wedding photography for 10 years now, so we’ve photographed many locations in Richmond, but this was our first time at Linden Row. Linden Row Inn wedding photography is best suited for the couple that wants an urban look. From the wedding photographer vantage point, Linden Row is great because its: 1) Small enough to keep tabs on what’s happening in the bridal suite, with ceremony setup, details, and groomsmen. 2) While the courtyard area with Linden Row is nice, the streets surrounding Linden Row keep the photos fresh. Sure big open fields are pretty, but these urban scenes keep the background changing. We are fans of street photography, so if you are too, this is the place. A similar wedding venue in Richmond would be the Valentine Museum.

The couple – Meredith + James

Meredith + James are creative artists that own Lightbox Print Co. This was one of our favorite weddings in 2015 for wedding photography. Together with Meredith and James, we chose a more urban look for the photos and a lot of brick, which Linden Row has a lot of. We played on the sidewalks, in the streets, and along Monument Ave. We often divide up on the wedding day – Emily photographed Meredith and the bridesmaids in the bridal suite at Linden Row, while Seth met up with James and groomsmen at their apartment in the Fan.


A first look was decided by Meredith and James so they could enjoy more of the cocktail hour. A first look at Linden Row can be a little tricky if its done outside due to setting up for the ceremony and hotel guests around, so the bridal suite was a good compromise. We opted to bring the groom in first, with the bride behind sliding doors. They had their magical moment together in the suite and then we went out into the street for more photos. Linden Row Inn wedding photography means close contact with the couple and guests because the space is a little tighter than larger venues. This is another reason why we enjoyed Linden Row. Here are some of our favorites, especially the bay window which doubles as the bridal suite as well. Within this wedding our go-to’s were Canon lenses- tilt-shift 45mm, 50mm 1.2L, 24mm 1.4L.