Washington DC LDS Temple Wedding

The LDS / Mormon Washington DC Temple is an impressive (to say the least) location to photograph. We’ve been lucky to shoot here many many times over the year, but this was the first with the snowy ground. It also presents its own challenges for us as photographers:

  • – there are usually quite a few weddings happening on weekends, so the hot spots for photography can get crowded.
  • – the building is often backlit due to the sun being behind the temple in the mornings/mid-day. Most wedding photography occurs mid-day due to wedding schedules
  • – this is a big place! You gotta pack a very wide angle to get the entire building or take a walk back a ways to fit it all in.

On this day, yes, we had the backlight, but no crowds to worry about on this snowy, 30 degree Friday. Jenny + Ben were great to photograph, and they pulled off looking warm in the photos. Way to go! Check out some of our favorites.




Wedding Goodnesssethroberts_007 sethroberts_006 sethroberts__2 sethroberts_003 sethroberts_002 sethroberts_001